15 Greatest Late-Generation PlayStation 2 Games

15. Bully

Some say Bully is Rockstar's finest effort, and to be honest they'd easily have quite the laundry-list of reasons why. As controversial as the developer's foray into what initially caused all mother of mainstream press-storms as 'Grand Theft Auto in a school' was, in the end the game what we got was actually a far more realistic, relatable take on what it's like being lost in the menagerie of potential futures and social peer pressure-cocktails that is high school. Borrowing just enough from the open-world formula of GTA, you played as Jimmy Hopkins in a free-roaming college environment, changing your mission-givers from gangsters and corrupt politicians to school faction-heads and hilariously stereotyped cliques along with a wondrously whimsical score that was two-parts Harry Potter and one cheeky Rockstar-charm. Across its hefty runtime you'd indulge in every school-based fantasy you could imagine (not like that!); everything including defending the nerds from some insult-throwing jocks, skipping class to go and skate around town, or just making out with any number of girls like some campus-based lethario - Bully had it all. The soundtrack alone is worth a revisit if you haven't been immersed in the fantastic world of Bullworth Academy, and despite all the controversy surrounding its release, the story itself is a great little against-the-odds tale delivered in the suitably humorous way only Rockstar know how.
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