15 Hilarious Voice Acting Fails In Video Games

Nothing like hiring your own family members if you can't afford the talent...

Where would video games be without bad voice acting? Actually, scrap that. Where would the world be without it? Terrible dubbing, cringeworthy mistranslations and fluffed lines are a form of entertainment unto themselves, capable of turning mediocre Kung Fu movies into the stuff of legend, and forgettable video games into ones that'll stay with us forever.

While the video game industry has exploded since the turn of the millennium, there was once a time when Japanese studios - which dominated the industry in the 90s - didn't have the time or money to properly localise games. In the same way that this led to a wave of poorly translated text in games in the late 80s and early 90s, from the 90s we were treated to some of the most famously awful voice acting you'll find in any medium.

Yes, video games truly are the home of the voice acting fails, stemming from unprofessional voice actors, sound editing gaffes where we hear the voice actors out of character, and the kind of dialogue delivery that ranges from sounding like drama class for 10-year-olds to borderline offensive (but still undeniably funny) stereotyping. Here are the greatest voice acting fails in video game history.

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