15 Incredible Creations That Prove Minecraft-Obsessives Are Geniuses

Hogwarts? The Starship Enterprise? The entire realm of Westeros? Prepare to gawp.

Is there a single person in the world that doesn't own Minecraft in some form or another by now? Originally released on PC back in 2009 (as a developmental alpha version) by Swedish developers Mojang, Minecraft has since become an indie smash hit with over 35 million copies sold across all platforms. Those platforms now include the Xbox 360, the PS3, Android and iOS devices... and soon enough, the PS4 and Xbox One. I'd wager that your toaster will be able to play Minecraft at some point in the future - it's scary just how much this game has grown from such humble beginnings. It's amazing how much Minecraft has had to overcome in order to reach those impressive sales figures too; Minecraft doesn't really feature many typical gaming features. There's no story, no dialogue, no NPCs, no quest or adventure. Visually, it doesn't really appeal initially either - the graphics are as basic as a game can get in the 3D era - a fresh world in Minecraft is made up of textured, coloured blocks which initially offers very little appeal to our eyes. It's when those blocks are used to create objects and buildings that Minecraft's genius begins to show. The creative minds of the world have latched onto the basic building blocks of Mojang's world and created some incredible things. I've found 15 specific builds that impressed me massively, but there's far too many to detail in one article; in fact, more and more are being created every day - you simply won't believe some of the stuff I'm about to show you...

15. The Temple Of Notch

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZ9lNZrNhwQ How about we start with a tribute to the man behind Minecraft? Markus Persson (aka Notch) is the owner of Mojang and creator of Minecraft - literally none of this would be possible without him. He quickly became one of the most recognisable and most influential people in the gaming industry; so of course, he needs his own in-game monument. The Temple Of Notch is a small build (especially compared to some of the ones coming up) but it's no less genius. Making an offering of gold into the pool opens up a secret passageway where you come face to face with the big man (literally) himself. It's a scarily accurate recreation of Notch's face and it's even more horrifying when, through some redstone circuitry, he opens his eyes to judge you. He can either shower you with gold and diamonds or send you to a fiery demise. The best part is the tears leaking from his eyes as you plummet to the lava below - it's a short but sweet build that highlights what makes the best Minecraft creations; originality.
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