15 Insanely Cool Video Game Trivia Facts To Impress Your Friends

8. The Crash Bandicoot Trilogy's Combined Polygon Count Is Less Than Uncharted 4's Nathan Drake

Crash Bandicoot nathan drake uncharted 4
Naughty Dog

Here's a little mind-blower for you.

So, according to Naughty Dog programmer, Andy Gavin, the polygon count for Crash Bandicoot's character model from all three original games was around 512 polygons - meaning you had 512 interlocking shapes all sitting together to form his shape.

Now, Crash's colourful outings required a couple thousand polygons to be processed at any one time once you factored in multiple characters and environment design, but that was back on the PS1.

Cut to the PS4, and Nathan Drake's character model in Uncharted 4 is around 90,000 polygons. That's like the entire Crash trilogy, his kart-racing spin-offs, the first Metal Gear Solid and all the main characters from Final Fantasys 1 through 12 combined.


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