15 Misleading Video Game Trailers That Totally Lied To You

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Unlike the advertising you'd find in any other medium, trailers and promotions for video games can often show absolutely nothing from the product they're promoting. While a movie trailer is supposed to set up plot and characters at the same time as teasing key aspects of the experience, video game trailers are more often than not entirely unrepresentative of the finished product. In the current age of misleading €œvertical slices€ and entirely CGI video trailers it becomes quite a chore to decipher what advertisements are actually saying about their games; what are the mechanics? What's the story? Is it first or third person? In early reveals especially all of this information is kept quiet until the game is closer to being released - and sometimes not even then. Of course this makes sense business-wise. Games are revealed early and publishers need to spread out the information they have over a long enough period to keep audiences interested while development steams ahead. However, in a pre-order culture (and industry) companies can be caught doing some pretty deceptive things to get customers to buy into their products before they're actually finished. This focus on coughing up the cash early on has led to the rise in publishers making promises they can't keep, showing pre-rendered footage that looks nothing like the finished product and even pretending that a game is one genre, when in reality it's something different altogether. This approach isn't necessarily shocking because it misled gamers a few times, it's more so because publishers continue to abuse the system to worse degrees every year, all for a quick buck.

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