15 Most Disappointing Video Games Of The Decade

We're not angry... just PAINFULLY disappointed.

dead space 3

In general, it's been an incredible decade for games. There's a good chance that your favourite of all time released over the past 10 years, as huge blockbusters like The Last of Us and Mass Effect 2 captured the hearts of players, while striking indies such as Papers Please and Firewatch came out of nowhere to steal the thunder from the bigger names.

However, while the decade has seen a lot of games, genres and studios blossom, it also opened the floodgates on utter dreck that ended up washed on the shores of Steam and the major consoles.

What's worse than a terrible game is a disappointing one though; a title you had such high hopes for - were salivating over the pre-release trailers for - but which ultimately fell well short of the mark.

They might not have even been outright bad per se, but they certainly weren't the masterpieces we were all expecting (though, in some cases, they totally were just plain ol' bad).

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Dead Space 3
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