15 Most Disappointing Video Games Of The Decade (So Far)

All the expectation and none of the execution.

The growth of online marketing has given gamers the means to find trailers, pre-release information and press releases quickly and easily - something that combined with the ever-growing presence of social media, allows opinion to spread like wildfire. It's never been easier for game developers to build excitement and anticipation for upcoming releases, but of course that can have a negative effect. Sometimes a game's trailers can build up a huge amount of hype for a release, leading fans to have a tendency to throw acclaim at games before they're even finished. Under such high expectations, games inevitably crash and burn, leaving buyers disappointed and wondering what could have been. In this day and age it's sadly becoming more common, and especially with the move into the next generation of consoles it was even more apparent; many games received a dreaded 'must-have next gen title' tag, but several failed to live up to it. This article focusses on the disappointing highlights of this decade so far, looking at the games which suffered huge technical failures, were rushed or unfinished at launch or simply disappointed by not living up to the high standards of those who came before. If you can think of any games that have been missed out, leave your thoughts in the comments below and get that bitter disappointment off your chest.
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