15 Most Overrated Video Games Since 2000

14. Shadow Of The Colossus

shadow of the colossus final boss malus
Team ICO

One boss battle multiplied sixteen times does not a great game make.

Such were my thoughts going through Shadow of the Colossus, as although yes, it's gorgeous to look at and one hell of a think-piece in terms of how we interact with the world around us, overall the aforementioned structure was cripplingly repetitive.

Venture out, ride your horse across the land, find a beast, kill it, restart. That's IT. Yes, a handful of the battles are spectacular (the flying 13th iteration being one hell of a jaw-dropper), but by the time you've done a few of these in a row, it simply highlights how little there is on offer in terms of basic game mechanics.

SotC gets by on its ponderous question of man versus nature, alongside a monumental twist finale that upends everything you thought you knew. But actually playing it? That was way too much of a slog.

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