15 Most Underrated Nintendo 3DS Video Games Of All Time

The definitive breakdown of every essential hidden gem. 

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We can all agree that the Nintendo 3DS has had a great run. It has had some absolute classics, like the re-releases of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, a handful of excellent Pokémon games, several Fire Emblem titles, and even an awesome 3D Mario platformer.

Now into 2017 and new releases for the system have started to dry up, yet with the far more powerful Nintendo Switch on the shelves, the 3DS looked as if it was on its last legs. Apparently not though, as Nintendo have charged in and announced a considerable amount of new titles and even a new 2DS - the 2DS XL.

Despite being six years old, there's plenty to look forward to if you own a 3DS, but chances are you’ve already out on a lot already, too. Across that time, hundreds upon hundreds of games have become available, but unless you’ve got unlimited time and money, you won’t have played them all.

To that end, I've rounded up 15 absolute gems - all massively underrated for one reason or another - that you simply must play.

15. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Video Game Consoles

Animal Crossing: Happy Home designer was not a bad game, but it seems to have a bit of a poor reputation.

As a very popular series of games that allows you to take up residence in a small village filled with charming anthropomorphic animals, you go about your daily life making friends, collecting items and renovating your home. Happy Home Designer focuses solely on the latter home design aspect entirely, if you hadn’t worked that out from the title.

A lot of people couldn’t really see the point in it when they could just play a main-series game, but that’s missing the point entirely.

This is a game specifically designed to take what is the favourite part of Animal Crossing for many people, and distill it down to an experience that allows you to go whole-hog with interior decorating, without having to jump through a near endless amount of hoops to get the furniture you want.


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