15 Things Only Call Of Duty: Warzone Fans Understand

If You Know, You Know...

Warzone Rock

Warzone is the newest battle royale to explode onto the scene. The fact it’s a part of the Call Of Duty franchise only helps it’s growing popularity. Just recently they announced the game had reached over 50 million players.

Warzone isn’t just your average BR though. Like Fortnite, it dishes out unique features to make it stand out from others. It mixes traditional BR with some quirks from Call Of Duty’s past. Perhaps the main two are the idea of “classes” in loadout drops, and being able to call in the likes of UAV’s and Airstrikes. Of course, you do have to pay cash to get these, which is another thing unique to Warzone. Cash is an item found throughout the map that can buy goods at shop stations. Or how about the Gulag? Where you can 1v1 against another 'dead' player with a chance of coming back to life.

The point is that Call Of Duty: Warzone has a lot of unique quirks. Some of these may be for the worst whilst others are for the better. Either way, you’ll have to be a true fan to understand these...

15. “Let’s Get That Vehicle!”

Warzone Rock

Warzone has 5 different vehicles that are scattered all around the map. They can often be really useful when you want to get somewhere quickly, or if you want to bail on a fight. The Heli is good for not getting shot, the truck for a strong vehicle and the buggy is good for speed.

However, we all know that one teammate who is obsessed with them. This person will suggest taking vehicles at all costs despite being unnecessary and even when it’s detrimental to do so. Sometimes, they may even just go off by themselves in one without their teammates. Usually, this will result in them dying, leaving the squad to pick up the pieces and potentially waste money buying them back.

The worst part is that these players think they are some kind of Lewis Hamilton when in reality they can’t drive to save their life...

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