15 Things Only Call Of Duty: Warzone Fans Understand

14. “I Need To Be Bought Back- Again...”

Warzone Rock

One of the cool things about Warzone is the ability for players to be revived even after they die. Upon death, players are sent to the Gulag where they 1v1 another player to see who respawns. Even if you don’t make it out though, you can still be bought back with cash by your teammates.

It costs $4500 to buy back a player, which is a hefty price when you consider a UAV is the same. This is what makes it so annoying when you buy back someone only for them to die again straight away.

All your hard-earned cash has now gone to waste and you have to work hard to find more if you want to revive your teammate again. Sometimes in going out to find this cash, you will be killed making the whole process an expensive waste of time.

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