15 Worst Video Game Levels Of The 2000s

14. Death Row - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Not know this one by name? How about this - "The one where you go get Lance from the Junk Yard". Remember now? Yes, Vice City would see Rockstar take GTA III's game engine and iterate on it in every way, fleshing out your interactions with the world, expanding weapons and animation sets - and seeing what they could do with general mission structures. However, they forgot to add any checkpoints along the way, which meant you had to trek across the city, fight your way through scores of enemy gangsters, escort Lance back to the car and hightail it to a safe house. All on one checkpoint. That meant if you carked it at any point, you were back to the start, no matter how far along in the mission you'd gotten - something that could genuinely break a person's mental faculties if it happened thanks to the enemies gunning down your ride on the home stretch.
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