16 Best Video Game Moments This Generation (So Far)

16. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner - PUBG


Very few feelings can match the payoff of winning your very first battle royale. You've been playing diligently for half an hour, scouting supplies, picking off enemies and finally are thrust into a tense firefight with one other heavily-armed combatant and against all the odds you somehow win.

It's a monumental experience that rewards the hours you've been learning how to survive in this brutal game mode, the realisation sinking in that you took on one hundred other players and somehow lived to tell the tale.

In truth, any battle royale could take this spot, however, PUBG was likely the first time you got to experience the sweet, sweet release of popping that final, game-winning kill. It no doubt became a story that you recounted countless times to your friends, the pure tension of surviving to see that 'winner, winner, chicken dinner' screen permanently etched in your mind for a long time to come.

With battle royale modes becoming a staple of mainstream gaming (Drake even streamed it for goodness sake), there's no way this won't go down as one of the most cherished moments of this generation. It's an achievement that stands as a testament to your skill as a player and your investment in this competitive multiplayer free for all.


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