16 Laziest And Ill-Conceived Pokémon Ever

If we didn't have to catch 'em all, we'd probably leave these guys behind.

With the release of Pokémon X and Y the ever-growing diversity of these unique and fantastical creatures climb to numbers we never thought possible over a decade and a half ago. Six generations in and we have 718 Pokémon to choose from. Back in the mid-to-late nineties when Generation I was at its peak popularity we thought surely the developers could not come up with any new ideas. At 151 perfect Pokémon, they must have already have exhausted all of their creative juices. That idea cannot be further from the truth. The franchise is still pushing strong and we still cannot turn away. However, that doesn't mean the designers behind Pikachu and more haven't had their momentary lapses in creativity. I am not claiming that Pokémon has ever lost its spark of imagination but with ice cream, key rings, and bodyparts as inspiration, from time-to-time fans can get nervous that the Pokémon crew are "running out of ideas". And with designs such as Luvdisc and Goomy paling in comparison to the likes of Milotic and Venosaur, it does seem that artists can get lazy from every so often. We all have our favorites but we all certainly have that list of Pokémon that force us to shake our head and think twice before wasting a precious Pokéball. And here is a rundown of 16 Pokémon that belong on that list. All generations are fair game. From Gen I to VI, each has had their fair share of Pokémon that had players wondering if it was a joke. I'll try to be as objective as possible. I won't look at a Pokémon's abilities and moves as a measure of quality but its overall conception and appearance instead. Whether opinions agree or not, the following Pokémon only support any cynic's claim that the franchise is bleeding dry of ideas. From the painfully simplistic to outrageously stupid, these Pokémon are proof that out of 718 tries some faults are bound to happen but some are unforgivable.
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