17 Secret Video Game Bosses You Need To Beat Before You Die

So many incredible games just gave you a big reason to revisit them.

Contrary to what the mobile market might want everyone to believe with their 'casual' offerings of bite-sized games and pay-to-win models, gamers do like to be challenged every now and then.

After all, why settle for an ordinary, run-of-the-mill boss fight when you can take on a secret big cheese that laughs in the face of every weak enemy you've fought previously up to his point?

It's the kind of mantra that games developers must have when they come up with the simple - yet genius - idea to include hidden boss battles. Thankfully, there are some studios out there who aren't afraid to sprinkle on a layer of soul-crushing difficulty to their creations, occasionally in the most unlikely of places. However, just knowing they're out there somewhere - biding their time until the game deems you strong enough to face their fist, gun, laser or whatever weapon they decide to kill you with - gives the player a special challenge to look forward to.

Traditionally speaking, the secret boss hierarchy has never been designed as a road block to completion, but rather a final test for those left unsatisfied by what the main story's initial conclusion. They're the supreme test for those who believe they've conquered everything, and are there to put you back in your place. You know nothing, player.

Think you're the best? Then challenge this lot - they think otherwise.


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