18 Best Video Games Of 2016 (So Far)

This top 5 might still be in place come the end of the year.

games of the year so far 2016
Naughty Dog/Blizzard/FromSoftware/Insomniac

There I was waiting for No Man's Sky to drop before writing this, and it goes and gets delayed into August. Such a thing was pretty inevitable considering it'll be pioneering some revolutionary galaxy-building tech, but still, it means we can revel in everything else released so far - which is a damn good thing, because 2016 has been OUTSTANDING.

From Ubisoft picking themselves up after years of half-baked Assassin's Creed to deliver The Division, the mind-bending puzzle-happy delights of The Witness, gore-tastic exuberance of DOOM and the Pixarian delights of Overwatch rounding things off nicely, the triple-A scene is on fire right now, more than making up for the terribly empty beginnings this console generation had across 2014 and half of 2015.

Indeed, the momentum established from the trifecta of The Witcher 3, Fallout 4 and Metal Gear Solid V has consistently been followed up on, but with so much to hoover up and experience, have you played the best games of the year so far?

Let's find out.


18. Far Cry Primal

far cry primal

An indication of things to come, Ubisoft proved the 'Far Cry formula' can now essentially be applied to any time period or setup they can think of. Unlike past instalments though, reverting the setting so far back into the Stone Age means all your abilities and actions take on a far more desperate and (naturally) primal edge.

No longer are you unloading clips of ammunition into goons and using binoculars to scout locations, instead you'll pin enemies to walls with razor-sharp spears, cave their skulls in with clubs, call upon a host of animals to back you up and even embody an owl to pinpoint upcoming threats.

It's immense fun, and as Ubi haven't ran Far Cry into the ground like the currently six feet under Assassin's Creed, expect to see more random time-jumps for the foreseeable future.

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