18 Best Video Games Of 2016 (So Far)

17. Pokkén Tournament

pokken tournament

The idea fans have had for years, yet only just now it's been made real; 'Pokemon meets Tekken' is pretty much exactly how you imagined every bout going down in your head after playing the handheld incarnations.

Namco have finally created exactly that, a surprisingly in-depth execution on what could've just been something 'for the kids'. Battles and creatures take on multiple stances as a 'rock, paper, scissors' approach governs all, the resulting layer of tactical depth coming once you've had a blast with its immediate presentation. The might of Nintendo's rendering tech makes every attack and animation pop like it's bursting off the screen itself, and considering we've been waiting for a game like this for decades, it's more than worth the wait.

Oh, and you can deliver a Stone Cold Stunner as Pikachu. DONE.

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Gaming Editor

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