20 Best Cutscenes In The Metal Gear Solid Franchise

These cutscenes from Hideo Kojima's beloved game series are... pretty good!

Metal Gear Solid 4 Snake Big Boss

Metal Gear Solid remains one of the most beloved gaming franchises of all time. Its final chapter, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, was released back in 2015. Since then, fans have been clamouring for another addition to the series, but with game creator Hideo Kojima’s banishment from Konami, all hope for a new game is lost (and no, Metal Gear Survive does not count).

However, there is much buzz around a rumour detailing a potential buyout of the Metal Gear IP by Sony. It is unclear whether there is any truth to the hearsay at the time of writing, but we can always hope…

Besides the fantastic stealth gameplay and memorable characters, Metal Gear’s style is what sells. It can be camp, cheesy, but always memorable. Kojima’s flare for paying homage to various movies in his games is present throughout the game’s history. Many people criticise Metal Gear Solid for being too cutscene-heavy. For other players, this is what makes the game utterly unique. Nobody does it better.

20. The Final Battle Between Snake And Ocelot - MGS4

On top of Outer Haven, after enduring the entire events of the series and, more recently, painstakingly crawling through gamma rays, Solid Snake realises it's not over yet. Standing toe-to-toe with his arch-nemesis, Snake finally has the opportunity to finish his quest.

The cutscene begins with Ocelot injecting Snake with a syringe to suppress nanomachine control. After getting revitalised, Snake is ready to fight. The two greatest characters in the franchise tussle on top of the destroyed base. It is no longer about saving the world. It’s about pride.

For fans of Japanese wrestling, this fight encapsulates the fighting spirit so prevalent in Japanese culture. No matter what each man endures, they both keep fighting.

This cutscene comes towards the end of a very cutscene-heavy game (more on that later), and it is often overlooked. However, the sheer history between the different Snakes and the one Ocelot is so significant to the franchise, it would be a disservice to omit this from the list.


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