20 Best Nintendo Games Of The Decade

From 3D Lands to Skyward Swords and back again.


It's been quite a decade for Nintendo, hasn't it?

The first half of the 2010's was... hectic, to say the least. From the Wii U under performing, to Satoru Iwata, one of the men who helped to build Nintendo as it is today, suddenly passing away, up until 2016, Nintendo was not doing great. And then, of course, the Switch happened.

But even before Nintendo's new golden boy hit shelves, they were still doing what they do best: making fantastic games. Even beyond the old favorites, Nintendo surprisingly took a lot of risks this decade, with a lot of experimental titles and new IP's hitting the scene and reinvigorating excitement for the company among gamers.

It's safe to say that Nintendo is back on top of the world. But what are the games that put it there this decade?

After all, Nintendo has always been known for its games, seeing as how they intentionally limit themselves when it comes to the tech used in their consoles.

Nintendo knows more about making video games than anyone else in the business. So what were the 20 games they made this decade that cemented that reputation?

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