20 Best Video Game Stories Ever

19. God Of War 2018

Bioshock infinite elizabeth

God Of War's 2018 reimagining - despite initial ridicule for following the "bearded man with issues guides innocent kid across cruel world" archetype that was insanely prevalent at the time - was precisely what the franchise needed to survive in the modern day. Also helps that the story is insanely good on its own too.

Kratos, after destroying the Greek pantheon and somehow surviving - something he hadn't planned on - has left Greece to find out what to do with his life elsewhere. Over an untold amount of time, he found love again and settled down with his new family. But when his wife dies, Kratos and his son Atreus, whom he loves dearly but is kept from properly showing it from a mix of PTSD and fear of vulnerability, set out to find her home to spread out her ashes.

Unsurprisingly, this simple journey very quickly becomes anything but.

Kratos, as fun as his games always were, was never the most compelling protagonist. An issue that is more than fixed here, as every line he speaks, every conversation he has with Atreus as their bond grows, keeps you glued to the screen.


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