20 Best Video Games Of 2016

1. Inside

Playdead Studios

Pause Inside at any point and you'd have a painting thousands could analyse with infinite interpretations. Apply that across an entire game, and you have something altogether more enthralling.

Playdead Studios' have spent the last five years genuinely perfecting every last part of their followup to LIMBO, the result being an immaculate physics-based platformer where every facet of the end product is polished and smoothed over to stand the test of time.

Its gameplay gently ramps up in difficulty without ever being too hard, graphics as mentioned are sublime, seeing pockets of colour pepper a dystopian landscape that intentionally doesn't tell a straightforward narrative, leaving you to pick up the pieces yourself.

The overall feel, score and pace are outstanding, factoring into a supremely confident finale that's ugly, powerful, memorable and still debated about as to its true meaning to this day. All of which establishes Playdead as a studio wearing the truest sense of artistry on their sleeves.

If you play one game from 2016, make it Inside.


What's your take on the best games of the year? It's tough nailing down one single title, but let me know your own picks in the comments below!

Gaming Editor
Gaming Editor

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