20 Best Video Games Of 2019

20. Borderlands 3

borderlands 3
Gearbox Software

After so many years away from the Borderlands IP, Gearbox's mission statement for their big return was very much "Let's make more Borderlands", but thankfully, they took on board all the lessons learned in the interim.

Weightier weapon handling, WAY better physics, the ability to slide and leap all around foes - this is every bit Gearbox reclaiming the ground ceded to Destiny as a premiere looter shooter, but the result is tight, dependable and endlessly surprising when it comes to weapons models and level layouts.

For something that could've fell down in the face of so much expectation, although its villains are a bit naff compared to the mighty Handsome Jack, Gearbox finally got something right this generation.

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Gaming Editor

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