20 Biggest Games Of 2014: What Do We Already Know?

20. Trials Fusion (April 16)

The absurdly addictive Trials series finally makes the leap to PlayStation (alongside PC and Xbox consoles) with Trials Fusion, the long-anticipated follow-up to 2012's Trials Evolution, which despite being a cheap XBLA title, is easily one of the best games on the Xbox 360. We were lucky enough to play the beta of Fusion recently, and it seems that RedLynx hasn't fixed what isn't broken: though the visual style takes a distinctly sci-fi tone this time around, the gameplay is practically untouched, albeit with the addition of trick maneuvers to spice things up a little. One major disappointment announced recently, however, is that the game will not feature online head-to-head multiplayer, a great feature of the previous games but, according to RedLynx, not enough people played it for them to bother implementing it this time. The digital version of the game launches at the usual inexpensive indie game price, though if you want a physical copy of the game, complete with access to all the DLC, you'll need to spend in the region of around £30-32. Will It Deliver? Lack of online multiplayer is a bummer, but from what we've played so far, this is every bit as addictive and insanely challenging as Evolution. Buy it.

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