20 Biggest WTF Gaming Moments Of The Decade (So Far)

You won't believe the explanation for Quiet's lack of clothing in MGS V.

There's something so satisfying and all-encompassing about the throwing out a perfectly-timed "What the f**k?!" in response to something. No three words in such an order can convey everything from out n' out surprise to wondrous bewilderment and everything in between. That's a good thing too, as thanks to gaming being an industry that thrives on building up hype, subverting or exceeding expectation and delivering on rumours, there's always cause for a good ol' rug-pull to leave you flat on your backside no matter what you thought going in. Now that we're nearing the close of the ongoing decade's halfway mark, there's all sorts of games to pick apart, and 2015 especially has been no different in the overblown plot twist/crazy set-piece/real-world business departments. From long-dead ancient races trying their best to mind-control a legion of assassins, to a very controversial half-naked sniper currently kicking up a fuss for wearing next to nothing, it's all par for the course for gaming; the world's most lucrative and creatively insane medium. Let us know what you own biggest WTF moments were down in the comments. Whether they're overwhelmingly positive, extremely bewildering, terribly disappointing or a mix of everything in between, 2010 onwards has provided some of the best games in history, but the individual high and low points are always worth highlighting too.
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