20 Biggest WTF Moments In Silent Hill History

From gruesome deaths to terrifying monsters...

Alongside Resident Evil, the Silent Hill series is considered the archetype of the modern day survival horror genre; a defining collection of games that have helped shape the landscape of horror games and influence everything from Dead Space to Allison Road. With its depth, layers of symbolism and its reliance on atmosphere over cheap thrills, Silent Hill has cultivated a substantial following since it began back in 1999. Since then, Konami have produced nine games in the series, most of which have been self-contained character explorations with just a handful of interlocking themes and ideas.

Over the years, the series has had its fair share of memorable monsters, disturbing moments and unforgettable turns. Who could forget the first time they encountered Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2, or their first cautious steps into the unknown depths of the series€™ infamous fog? Who could forget the first time they phased into the otherworld, or the first time they heard those deafening sirens from the first game, warning you of danger?

There€™s no denying that the series has produced some of the most genuinely haunting imagery to ever come out of a video game, but with that said, Silent Hill has also had its fair share of bizarre, unexplainable, and even downright laughable moments as well. The cheesiness of the series has nothing on Resident Evil of course - which has to take the cake for both worst writing and worst voice acting - but that doesn€™t mean that the Silent Hill series has been completely above such things either.

There have been plenty of little incongruous moments throughout the series, as well as plenty of examples of awkward dialogue delivery and strange translation blunders.

With that said, here are the 20 biggest WTF moments from the entire series, from the very first game all the way up to the playable teaser for the cancelled Silent Hills.

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