20 Classic Nintendo Games That Desperately Deserve Sequels

20. EarthBound

Someone's probably going to want my head for this. So, why is EarthBound ranked so low? Simply put, cult classic role playing game EarthBound isn't as desperately deserving of a sequel as others on this list because it already has a sequel... and a prequel!
Nintendo of America was originally set to release a localized version of the Japanese Famicom/NES game, Mother, but it was pushed back and eventually dropped in favor of focusing on the Super NES sequel. The translation was done, and can even be found out in the wilds of the internet under the guise of "EarthBound Zero," but it never saw an official release. With the Super NES game now finally available on the Wii U's Virtual Console, we think it's time that Nintendo opened up their vault and dusted this one off. It's difficult to imagine the deed requiring much work, and surely the passionate Mother fanbase would make the endeavor worthwhile.
Then there's the actual sequel, Mother 3, for the Game Boy Advance. Unlike the previous two titles in the series, there has been not so much as a hint that Nintendo has ever been interested in releasing the third and final installment in the trilogy outside of Japan. Given that, the series' fans came together and put together their own translation for the title's 1,000+ pages of script, and have said that if Nintendo is ever willing to bring the title west, they're willing to alleviate their localization costs by allowing the company to use their translated script for free. As far as anyone knows, Nintendo has yet to take the Mother fan community up on their offer. But, with Game Boy Advance games now rolling out on the Wii U's Virtual Console, now may be a good time to look into it. So, long story short: EarthBound already has other installments, Nintendo just needs to actually release them outside of Japan.
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