20 Greatest Ever Beat Em Up Video Game Characters

18. Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury & King Of Fighters)

Terry Bogard is one of the more likeable characters in the history of beat 'em ups, with a tragic back story that makes him easy to root for. Terry enters the first King of Fighters tournament (which would later be continued in the spin-off series, King of Fighters) in the first Fatal Fury game in order to avenge the murder of his father, and has been a staple fighter in both franchises ever since. He is recognised by gamers for his characteristic red jacket, white shirt, jeans, black fingerless gloves, trucker cap, Converse All Stars, and long, blonde hair, though this design has changed somewhat over the course of his tenure. It might be easy for a character as good and affable as Terry to become bland and boring, but personality counts for a lot, and it helps make Terry the easy hero and mascot of these franchises. He might not have the edge of some of the later characters in this list, but he is the dictionary definition of cool.
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