20 Greatest Female Video Game Characters Of All Time

10. Liara T'Soni (Mass Effect)

While all of the characters in the Mass Effect story are important in their own way, very few have come to define the series as much as Liara T'Soni. One of Shepard's most trusted squaddies (and the love interest just about every player ended up pursuing), Liara has never just been a blind follower, which made her arc in the franchise that much more interesting. When you go off to work for the shady Cerberus in the second game, your former ally doesn't just take your choice of allegiance lightly, criticising your decisions and in general giving a (quite ironic) genuine human reaction to your choices over the course of the three releases. Which only makes the character that much more distinct. You always felt like she had her own set of goals and motivations that were different to yours, to the point where they even sometimes took place outside of your own individual story. She was always there when you needed her, but at the same time was never afraid to put you on your ass if you deserved it.
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