20 Most Replayable Video Game Moments Of The 2000s

Some games just keep you coming back for more...

What is a 'moment'? Is it a few seconds, hours, your whole lifetime? The time scale doesn't really matter. When we talk about magical moments, we talk about experiences that are formed by a heightened sense of power or importance. They transfix you for a period of time that always seems too short in hindsight, and leave an imprint on your soul that stays with you for your whole life. One of the big advantages of video games is that you don't need to leave those moments behind as fond memories, but go back to them again and again, reliving them, and even doing things that little bit differently. Some of the best video game moments - game modes, boss fights, levels - are replayable for the variety of ways in which you can approach them, while others you go back to just to repeat the exact experience you had before. Whatever the reasons, these gaming moments from the 2000s have managed to cross over into timelessness, offering unique experiences that are worth repeating ritually - like a kind of video game pilgrimage.

20. Saints Row 2 (2008) - Rolling With Your Gang

When this game came out, it was make or break for the now-iconic series, but Saints Row 2 pulled it off by upping the insanity, while not quite blowing things up to the aliens-and-lasers of its successors. The huge level of customization you can make to your character, your vehicles and your gang helps make Saints Row 2 feel like your story. And while there's a linear plot for you to follow, the gang battles and territories mechanic feels like a personal project for you and your tailor-made gang. Leading your hoods into turf wars is one of the best gang-based experiences games can offer, as you leap into battle throwing punches and kicks that depend on the fighting style you chose. Turf wars in SR 2 are a decent challenge too, feeling dynamic and engaging in a way that'll happily have you coming back for more.

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