20 Most Underrated Video Games Of The Generation (So Far)

Infinite Warfare was the best COD in years.


This generation has been good to games. Since the release of the Xbox One and PS4, hundreds of must-play releases have graced our consoles, and in only four years both Sony and Microsoft have managed to amass a rather impressive library of exclusives, keeping fans of both machines busy.

Indeed, with the amount of titles to choose from and games like The Witcher 3 boasting hundreds of hours of gameplay, new releases have demanded more from players than ever before. It's not only instalments in genres like RPGs that are huge time-sinks these days either, as every game is trying its best to be 'the one thing' players feel the need to jump into every day.

Overall, it should come as no surprise that in the few years since these new consoles have been on sale, more than a couple of excellent releases have slipped through the cracks.

Whether players didn't have the time to fit them into their hectic schedules or they were wrongly panned at release, some of this generation's most underrated games have been hiding under your nose this whole time...


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