20 Most WTF Video Game Moments Of The PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch Generation

Nobody saw these coming.

Red Dead Redemption

It sure has been one hell of a generation, right?

As much as it doesn't already seem like we were all giddily unboxing our Xbox Ones and PS4s a whole seven years ago, the generation has indeed come and gone, with the Xbox Series X and PS5 imminently set to roll out around the world.

The gaming world moves so fast that it's easy to lose track of everything we've witnessed over the years, and so, what better time to look back on the most shocking, sudden, unexpected, and flat-out ridiculous happenings that defined the generation?

From surprise business closures to shock acquisitions, games that flopped outta nowhere, impressive redemption stories, and every bizarre moment in-between, these are the 20 stories which got everyone talking between 2013 and 2020.

One can only begin to imagine what might dominate the headlines for the duration of the incoming generation, but before we all box up our current-gen consoles and possibly send them off for "retirement," take a moment to soak in the most insane WTF moments the last seven years of gaming have brought us...

20. Telltale Games Goes Bust

Red Dead Redemption
Telltale Games

Who could've ever seen this coming? In September 2018, Telltale Games announced that 90% of their employees were being made redundant as the studio effectively closed down operations.

Given that players and industry analysts alike assumed that Telltale had been generating healthy revenue from their many episodic video game projects, it was a shock to learn that only the first season of The Walking Dead and Minecraft: Story Mode ever actually turned a profit.

Due to the surprise shuttering, employees received no warning of the closure and had to leave the office within 30 minutes of the announcement, while also receiving no severance pay.

Several in-development games were either cancelled or palmed off to other developers - including The Walking Dead's final season - and though the Telltale brand was acquired by LCG Entertainment last year, the fact that such a robust titan of the industry could fall so quickly was nothing short of baffling.


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