20 Most WTF Video Game Moments Of The PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch Generation

19. Shenmue III Actually Gets Made

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The gaming world was shocked in 2015 when, during Sony's "E3 of Dreams" conference, they confirmed that Shenmue III was in development as a project co-financed by crowdsourced funds, Sony, and publisher Deep Silver.

Though Shenmue III was ultimately delayed numerous times and the end result was an undeniably mixed bag of archaic game design and inconclusive storytelling, the mere fact that a third Shenmue ever came out still seems scarcely believable.

That a commercial failure on the scale of Shenmue II could finally get a sequel 18 years after the fact was a jaw-dropping testament to the persistence of both creator Yu Suzuki and fans, even if it was hardly a barnstorming return for the series.

And while doubt has been cast on the possibility of a fourth game, the lesson learned with Shenmue III is surely "never say never."


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