20 PS4 Exclusives - Ranked From Worst To Best

The naughty dog, the overlong cutscene and the radioactive abomination.

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Can you believe the PS4 is now in its third year? By this time in the last generation we'd seen the 360 and PS3 sprout the likes of Gears of War, Crackdown, Metal Gear Solid 4 and the phenomenal Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, but for this generation it's been a slower build, with only 2015 and now 2016 providing a defining ramp-up in quality.

Thankfully we're now at a time where you can comfortably look at the PS4's output and champion it accordingly. Not only have Naughty Dog knocked it clean out the park and into the stratosphere with Uncharted 4, but there are a bevy of indie titles providing solid foundations for innovation and progression too.

It hasn't all gone well - but luckily as far as exclusives go, Sony have only licensed a handful of bad eggs - yet one thing remains; the PlayStation 4 of 2016 is one hell of a machine, both in terms of its library and hardware output.

Time to check out the best, the rest, and anything in between. Let me know your own best and worst games in the comments below!


20. Godzilla

Godzilla ps4
Bandai Namco

You have to start at the bottom, and by far the worst exclusive gracing the big blue machine is Godzilla, a turgid experience where the only appeal is in seeing everyone's favourite radioactive lizard smash the hell out of everything.

Literally, that's it.

Ambling forward and stomping on pieces of the environment is the order of the day, and save for the occasional boss battle against the likes of Mothra or King Ghidorah, the only lasting impression left behind is a question: How can it be this hard to make a truly brilliant Godzilla game?

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