20 Severely Underrated PS1 Games You Totally Missed

A game that melds Final Fantasy Tactics with Pokémon? You can thank us later.

The PSX (or PS1, whichever you prefer) is one of the most iconic consoles ever made. Boasting a gigantic library, it was the first entry into the realm of 3D for many gamers, all thanks to a plethora of memorable games still talked about to this day. Having a large slew of titles to choose from always meant there'd be tons of potential for good or even truly legendary games to emerge over time. The unfortunate side effect of an initially massive library of games is that many get buried amongst the hype at the time - especially when the face of the console is made up of Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, Gran Turismo and Tekken 3. Assembled here are 20 awesome games that were almost completely unheard of, ignored, or seemingly forgotten. I€™ve omitted tie-in titles like The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, Monster Rancher 2 or Chocobo€™s Dungeon 2, as with them belonging to such well known franchises, it'd be a bit of a cop-out. Instead, it's far more worthwhile to highlight lesser known games, as they truly deserve that renewed attention. Here's to as many of these as possible making it to the Playstation Store in some form, but you can always track down used physical copies instead. Either way, get ready for a potent mix of nostalgia and discovery that could extend your PlayStation library in the best way possible.

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