20 Things Only Dark Souls Fans Will Understand

19. Absolutely No Chests Can Be Trusted

The humble chest is a staple of the RPG. These nifty containers are always inexplicably left in areas and are never accessed by anyone but your character who can loot them for shiny new things. In Dark Souls, the chest functions in much the same way as they usually do. You'll be looting them regularly for new ways to try and not die for a while, and then around halfway through the game, they go all Dark Souls on you. Some chests are in fact not chests at all; they house evil creatures called Mimics which will, if you try to open them, immediately eat your head. Every Dark Souls player knows the importance of attacking a chest ahead of time to make sure there's not a Mimic inside. Just make sure you always attack iron chests in Dark Souls 2 as well, they certainly have Mimics in them too!

18. Dark Souls Gamer Rage

Almost inevitably, there will come a point during your adventure through Lordran or Drangleic where you come to an enemy so ridiculously powerful, so ridiculous annoying and so ridiculously frustrating that you will fling your controller across the room with great vengeance, take a complete huff (swearing is optional) and turn off your console or PC in disgust. You'll then leave the room for a breather, still running through your latest defeat in your head and try to take your mind off it for the next half an hour. After calming down, you can return to your gaming cave for another attempt. There's no doubt you'll do it this time. You know what went wrong and you know what you're going to do to stop it from happening that way again. Hah, right! In reality, you'll probably die another horrible death and repeat the same process. Online Call Of Duty rage has got nothing on Dark Souls rage.

Dan Curtis is approximately one-half videogame knowledge, and the other half inexplicable Geordie accent. He's also one quarter of the Factory Sealed Retro Gaming podcast.