20 Things You Didn’t Know About Alien: Isolation

9. Aliens' William Hope Voices Marshal Waits

alien isolation
20th Century Fox

In addition to the original cast of Alien returning for the Crew Expendable DLC, Alien: Isolation also has an unexpected connection to James Cameron's action-packed sequel Aliens.

William Hope, who portrayed incompetent but well-meaning Lieutenant Gorman in Aliens, provides the voice for the equally incompetent but immensely cold-hearted Marshal Jethro Waits in Alien: Isolation.

Not only did Waits's short-sighted decision-making skills play a sizeable role in the devastation of the Sevastopol, his cruelty saw him attempt to kill Amanda by using her as bait to trap the creature before jettisoning them both into space.

At least Gorman was able to redeem himself in Aliens before he met his end. We didn't even get the satisfaction of seeing Waits meet his demise at the hands of androids in the game.


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