20 Video Games Of This Generation You May Have Missed

Did you play every great game this generation had to offer before we move on?

Ninja Theory/Matt Makes Games/Team Cherry

Time on the current generation of consoles is coming to a close with each passing day, and with the dwindling announcements of new titles it couldn't be more clear to gamers that developers are shifting their focus onto new hardware.

However, as the move to next gen is being made, this transitional period brings with it an opportunity reflect on games gone by - specifically, those titles that might not have garnered as much attention due to their less high profile releases.

To this end here is a list of such "lesser" titles that are worth checking out while waiting for 2020 and beyond.

Included with each entry are their aggregated Metacritic scores for each platform as a means to gauge whether or not the title catches your interest. Not included in this list are titles that are annually released, episodic, sports, and full-on exclusives (whereas timed exclusives are listed).

Finally, only the base versions of these games are listed because some titles were timed exclusives and upon later release they came with add-ons, bonuses, or different names to the original versions.


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