2018's Biggest Video Game Protagonists - Ranked From Worst To Best

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As great a year as it's been for video games, what would any of them be without a charming, bada** or sympathetic hero to guide players through the journey? After all, who wants to spend 100 hours controlling a dullard completely devoid of personality?

Where would The Last of Us be without Joel and Ellie's unforgettable bond, or Grand Theft Auto V without Trevor's inspired insanity?

Though not every big game released in 2018 was blessed with characters quite that iconic, the majority at least delivered rich, well-defined heroes for players to connect with.

And in their best instances, the likes of Rockstar Games, Sony Santa Monica, Insomniac and so on indeed went further, by presenting players with all-timer protagonists sure to live on forever, regardless of whether a sequel ever happens.

From the year's most disappointingly flat player characters to the heroes sure to endure for decades, here's how 2018's biggest video game protagonists stack up...

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