2018's Biggest Video Game Protagonists - Ranked From Worst To Best

14. Rico Rodriguez (Just Cause 4)

Just Cause 4 Rico

Few would try to argue that Just Cause's esteemed hero Rico Rodriguez is the pinnacle of video game character development, and true to the series' form, his humanity generally takes a relaxed backseat to Just Cause 4's delirious sandbox mayhem.

The impossibly good-looking, gravity-defying liberator is at least given some basic heroic shading during the story's cut-scenes, and new voice actor Orion Acaba does a fine job with the role, even if the narrative and character work is mostly pretty forgettable.

Rico may not be a legendary gaming icon, but he's everything he needs to be: a thin sketch that gets out of the way and refuses to bog down all the chaos. He's still fun to manoeuvre, and that's really all that matters.

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