22 Problems Only Gamers Will Understand

17. Having A Never-Ending Backlog Of Games

Youtube - GiantbombYoutube - GiantbombWhen you were a kid, life was simple. You went to school, ate some food, then gamed. You had all the time in the world, but you were quite content playing the same game over and over again because you simply didn't have the money to do otherwise. Then, quite suddenly, you're an adult earning money. One game is now never enough; you'll buy anything, as long as it's cheap. Steam sales in particular are the most hideously appealing things ever to gamers who simply must buy everything for any amount less or equal to their bank balance. Of course you won't have time to actually play any of them, but it's always nice to know they're there, just waiting.

16. Trying To Be Cool And Hating COD, Then Buying It Anyway

bromygod.combromygod.comWe're not entirely sure why the human race feels the need to collectively hate on something once it becomes popular, but such has become the case for the gargantuan series, Call of Duty. Everyone moans about it. "It's the same old crap, different year!" scream the message boards with thousands of opinionated gamers, each of whom will no doubt still buy the latest offering when it hits later that year. If you are truly a COD hater and haven't been near the thing for ten years, well done. You've probably missed out on hours upon hours of fun, but we applaud you standing firm by your beliefs.

15. Having Unskippable Cutscenes On A Second Playthrough

Batman Facepalm GifWarner BrosAs is the trend, many games now come with extra incentives to tempt you back in for another crack at the game once you've finished it. At this point, you've seen all the story has to offer. You really don't want to watch it all again, but you're gonna. It's the age-old unskippable cutscene! This problem becomes particularly prevalent when you're in a section where you're fighting an utterly, ridiculously and totally unfair boss that kills you within two seconds. Every time you die, you'll then have to watch the same damn clip over and over and over again until you're found later that evening on the roof cuddling a pot plant in your underpants with a tea cosy on your head, reciting the dialogue like some crazy mantra. But hey, whatever works, right?
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