25 Best Selling Video Games Of All Time - Ranked

GTA V, Call of Duty...and a dump-truck full of Mario...

The video game industry has been surpassing both movies and music in terms of annual revenue for years now, and as such it's not really possible for people to dismiss gaming as a nerdy fad anymore without looking like a fool.

Games are big business, and with the release of each new AAA title, studios are no doubt desperate to latch onto something which connects with a large core of the general public. That's exactly what happened with each of these 25 games: regardless of their release platform (alright, a lot of them are Nintendo...), each captured the imagination of gamers the world over, and the results speak for themselves: a license to print money.

Whether kick-starting a major franchise or just the latest entry in an esteemed series, these games make most chart-toppers look like Swiss cheese by comparison. The question remains, though: are they actually any good? Here are the 25 best-selling video games of all time ranked from worst to best...

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