41 Must Buy Video Games Of 2014

2014's shaping up to be an excellent year for gaming. Here's our rundown of titles you should watch out for.

2013 has already gone down as one of the most important, landscape changing years for the video game industry. I€™m not just saying that because both Sony and Microsoft released brand new powerhouses consoles either, but also because we saw some truly outstanding games released that pushed the medium further as both art and entertainment. 2014 is also shaping up to be a crucial year too, considering that both Sony and Microsoft will be pushing hard to get as much quality software on their new hardware as humanly possible. Realistically, sales figures for one holiday season don€™t spell out the fate of an entire generation, so getting appealing games on these technological beasts is of the utmost importance. We won€™t solely be exploring next generation consoles though, as the previous generation is far from dead with multiple strong releases already dated. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all have some tantalizing stuff on the horizon, so let€™s quit with the small talk and jump in to the list. Note: All listed dates are for North America but if you add three days to every release you will have the UK release. Also keep in mind that we are only discussing announced games. We both know an annual Call of Duty and Assassins's Creed are coming, but I can't speak about something that doesn't actually exist yet. Also, if you're saying to yourself, gee, 41 is an odd number for a countdown, you're justified. We did this list last year €“ which was highly successful I might add €“ as 40 games, but I apparently cannot count and accidentally selected 41. Thankfully, all 41 games are deserving of making the cut anyway. Click Next to begin!

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