41 Must Buy Video Games Of 2014

41. Assassin€™s Creed: Liberation HD - January 14th (PS3, PC)

Admittedly, this game already exists on the Vita but €“ besides me €“ who the hell actually bought one of those? Furthermore, why would anyone want to play a full-fledged Assassin€™s Creed game on a tiny handheld screen? The answer is not very many, which is why Ubisoft is giving the game an HD makeover for the PS3 and PC. Despite the stupidity surrounding its initial release, the game is quite fun and will be right up the alley of any Assassin€™s Creed fan.

40. Fable Anniversary €“ February 4th (360)

Those that enjoy Fable but are unfamiliar with its origins will definitely want to pick this up. Even if you have never played a Fable game I recommend checking it out, for numerous reasons. Fable is already a whimsical fantasy tale full of consequential choices and personal character building, but this remastering also includes The Lost Chapters, which add a bevy of items, weapons, spells, quests, and more. Also, if Halo Anniversary is anything to go by, Fable Anniversary should have a rather noticeable overhaul in graphics and presentation.

39. Bravely Default €“ February 7th (3DS)

Traditional JRPG€™s are a dying breed within the console gaming market, so thankfully we have the Nintendo 3DS; an essential handheld hub for passionate fans of the genre. Even the console JRPGs that do get released often feel neutered in terms of the battle system depth and world exploration desired from aficionados of the genre. Bravely Default is sure to satisfy, with its job system inspired from Final Fantasy 5 and more traditionally oriented combat. Now, technically listing Bravely Default could be considered cheating as it€™s available in the UK already, but us Yanks are eagerly looking forward to its release.

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