41 Wrestling Moves WWE 2K15 Must Include

We want to lay the smacketh down in 41 new ways!

Every year the WWE video game franchise tries to add new moves to their arsenal. However, there are just too many wrestling maneuvers out there to please everyone. Unfortunately, not every move imaginable will make it into the game for various reasons. However, fans can always wish, and sometimes, those wishes come true. For the past few years, the WWE game franchise has expanded on their move list by not only adding new maneuvers each year, but also by making new moves available in DLC packs. Sometimes these holds and maneuvers are simple updates to existing moves. However, there are always a few curveballs thrown in with moves never seen before in the WWE -- instead being inspired by independent and international wrestling. Generally speaking, there seemed to be a lack of superstar-specific maneuvers in the past few WWE games. Granted, every wrestler got their own signature and finishing moves, but every wrestler is different and executes basic moves in their own, unique way. While it€™s too much to expect every move be animated different for each competitor, a small amount of character-specific maneuvers would be a welcome addition to the series. So, join us as we countdown over 40 moves that should be in WWE 2K15. Will these moves make the cut? We don€™t know, but here€™s to hoping.
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