41 Wrestling Moves WWE 2K15 Must Include

Common Moves

There are some moves that almost every wrestler uses. These maneuvers aren€™t flashy but are instead rooted in the basics of professional wrestling. Surprisingly, however, not all of these common wrestling moves and holds have been featured in the past few WWE video games.

41. Side Headlock

Possibly the most basic maneuver in all of wrestling, the side headlock has been used in WWE games before but only as a grapple position. The takeover and side headlock submission should also be added.

40. Snapmare/Headlock Combo

Another variation of the headlock or rear chinlock submission, the snapmare setup would add a bit of versatility to the generic move. There are already numerous variations of the snapmare maneuver in the game -- what could one more hurt?

39. Neck Wrench

Another incredibly simple submission hold. The neck wrench is as exactly as it sounds -- the wrestler grabs a seated opponent€™s head and wrenches it to one side.

38. Backslide

The past few iterations of the WWE game have made good use of the rollup pin and several of its variations. Surprisingly, however, the very common Backslide pin has not been present in the game.

37. Running Tackle and Punches

The Lou Thesz Press is a classic move in wrestling, but frankly, has not been performed by many. Most famously associated with Stone Cold, this move was given to far too many superstars in last year€™s game. A basic tackle followed by some mounted punches would be a great substitute for the overused Thesz Press.

36. Catapult

Wrestlingmoves Slingshot Gif We€™ve all seen it before -- a superstar grabs his opponent€™s legs and falls back on the mat, launching his/her opponent into the corner. It€™s a pretty standard move, and shockingly has been missing from the series for some time.

35. Running Bulldog

There are currently a few versions of this move in the game, but they are all severely lacking. The traditional headlock-like version is fine, but the two-handed jumping variation is bad. A one-handed bulldog more akin to Jericho€™s version is what€™s needed.

34. Inverted Suplex

Sometimes called a reverse suplex, this variation on the classic move has the opponent turn their back to the competitor. A possible top rope variant -- as used by Alberto Del Rio -- could be added as well.
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