45 Reasons Why THE LEGEND OF ZELDA Could Be The Greatest Series Of All Time

We took a look at why The Legend of Zelda could be the Greatest Series of All Time. Now throw on your tights and tunic, and join in!

To celebrate the release of Skyward Sword, we take a look at why, The Legend of Zelda could be the greatest series in gaming history. From Skyward Sword all the way back to the very beginning!

1. Good Vs. Evil

"Light and Dark are two sides of the same coin. One cannot live without the other"
Each of the Zelda games follows a very traditional story line. Some may say over used, but there's no doubt that this formula has worked for countless films, games and books. The rise of a hero who must rescue the princess from the clutches of an evil villain, that threatens to destroy the land/world/universe. This is the bare bones of fantastic story telling and has been used by some of the best movies in pop culture. Zelda has Link, Zelda and Ganondorf Star Wars has Luke, Leah and Darth Vader. Even Back to the Future has Marty, Lorraine (Marty's Mum) and Biff. Ok, so it's not always straight forward but this is the stuff great things are made of.

2. Iconic Emblem

The Triforce has been an emblem that every geek has some point worshiped, even those who haven't played the Zelda series would have come across this symbol at some point. Most likely only to be shunned by their friends for not knowing it's origins. Again, like all of the Zelda series, it keeps things simple, tidy and to the point. All great things come in threes and the Triforce is no different. Each point represents wisdom, power and courage, and each piece belongs to each of the games main characters.

3. One of the Best Scores Ever Written

A number of composers have added their own scores to the series over the years. Not just any old scores but iconic songs that are recognized within the first few beats. Scores that bring out an emotional response, not just because we're fans of the game but because it complements the game so well. Epic battle music has us on the edge of our seats or the fantastic pieces for each individual area which twist and change and the first site of an enemy. In celebration of it's 25 years, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra had a one night only Zelda symphony extravaganza. You can view what culture's review of it here!

4. The Greatest Form of Flattery

The Zelda series first hit our consoles 25 years ago, meaning that our hero of time has spanned at least two generations! This feat can't be done without making the slightest of impacts on our culture and the world around us. The series has been parodied and referenced on numerous of occasions by movies, games and television. Some titles have even admitted to basing their own games on the series, after all, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Scott Pilgim Vs. the World, completely riddled with Zelda sound bytes, it even features the Fairy Fountain theme as Scott begins to fall for Ramona. Villain Gideon Graves also has an inverted Triforce as his company's logo. Robot Chicken, the parody involves Link defeating Ganon and rescuing Zelda, who then refuses to... reward her Hero. Robin Williams, you may have seen from the Ninteno ads that comedian and actor, Robin Williams, named his daughter after the princess. Youtube, the web makes it near impossible to avoid fan made videos and parodies from the Zelda series and Youtube seems to house hundreds of them. Our favourite can be seen below. http://youtu.be/4elLuTGg3Yw

5. A Timeline More confusing Than Any American Series

Each of the games from the series are a self contained story, however the producer of the Zelda series, Eiji Aonuma, stated that the timeline of the games split off after the events from The Ocarina of Time which gives to parallel realities for the world of Zelda. This was later changed in another interview with Aonuma at the Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary concert, where he was quoted, "All of the games are within one timeline for the entire series, but that timeline is a secret that I cannot reveal." Eiji Aonuma has claimed that there is a hard copy of the timeline, whether this will ever see the light of day is a different story, making Zelda more confusing than Lost could ever hope to be. Thankfully, Doc Browns here to explain! (You can go to 1:30 and skip the acting and terrible fight scene) http://youtu.be/aHCbp5LTgbU

Dom McKenzie, feature and news writer at What Culture!