5 Awful Actors Who Were Almost Cast In Video Game Movies

00826 The actors in the final cast of a video game movie never set the world on fire. In fact, we can't think of one person who's given a standout performance in a video game based movie. Or a video game movie that is above average. An outrageous amount are often seen on lists of movies considered the worst of all time. And almost universally, they're directed by Uwe Boll. How the hell does he keep finding employment? Is it really that easy to get hired in Hollywood? If so, we're totally into directing any crap you throw at us. Anyway, we should note just how hard it was to put together a list of awful actors who were almost cast in video games - simply because awful actors don't generally turn roles down like this. You look at the cast of pretty much any video game movie and you'll find a who's who of terrible. Well, here we list five of the most awful actors almost to star in the most potentially-butchered of childhood memories.

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