5 Awful Actors Who Were Almost Cast In Video Game Movies

5. Cameron Diaz - Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat)

cameron diaz the mask Cameron Diaz is extremely hot and a genuine star. That's undeniable. But as often comes with the territory - she's awful at acting. We actually think of Mortal Kombat being one of the better video game movie-adaptations. Call it childhood nostalgia if you want but we can go back to that film now, kick back with a pack of Opal Fruits and thoroughly enjoy ourselves. Which is more than we can say for... almost every other video game film we've seen. To fans of the game, we didn't need star-power. Of course it would've helped box office if Diaz was in the film but in our minds it would have resulted in a worse film. And we're not talking about Citizen Kane to begin with here. She was actually signed onto the project - being forced to pull out when participating in martial arts training, she broke her hand. Bridgette Wilson did an acceptable job as Sonya and in all fairness brought a considerable amount of sex appeal of her own to the project. That one scene where she has Kano in the leg scissors? That got us through some tough times.

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