5 Great Horror Moments In Non-Horror Games

Scarecrows, cathedrals and zombies - these definitely aren't horror games?


It's Halloween time for all you Pagan worshippers out there, and what better way to really get spookified than to sit down with some hair-raising gaming experiences?

Horror games provide the most immersive scare possible when well executed, and as such it's very good that we have plenty to pick from. whether you're into the standard sneaky tension-riddled titles like Outlast or Alien: Isolation, or you prefer the subtle yet still mind-numbingly intense Amnesia route, there is a wide plethora of effective scary virtual stories to get your heart rate up.

But what of games that are considered not so scary but have creepy ideas or moments within them? That were not intended to be horror-centric games, but included sphincter-tightening scares nonetheless?

Well, those are less common, but can make the fight-or-flight response all the more stronger for how sheerly unexpected they are. Be it through imagery or implication, there are moments from some great games that are not specifically horror-centric games, but still create enough of an amygdalin response to get the old ticker in action as though it were a straight up spookily-designed experience from the start.

So with that image haunting our dreams, let's look at some moments from non-horror games that still bring the scares.


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