5 Major Problems Rockstar Face With Red Dead Redemption 2 

If this is going to be 'the next GTA', there's a lot of ground to cover first.


Rockstar Games announced the upcoming release of the third game in their western-themed series titles on October the 18th 2016, coming complete with with a trailer which had many gamers eager to get their hands on the next instalment. This game will - in theory - tackle similar themes to its predecessors, 2004’s Red Dead Revolver and 2010’s Red Dead Redemption.

In development at Rockstar San Diego, as a result and due to the standard that Rockstar Games has set with previous releases, the game will undoubtedly offer more of RDR's high-quality gun-slinging gameplay. With the release of a traileer a full year before its potential release date, it is clear that Rockstar are seeking to propel the franchise into the mainstream.

Indeed, the makers of GTA V, one of the best selling games of all time, are clearly attempting to broaden the appeal of this cowboy franchise - more so than ever before.

However, this attempt to transform Red Dead into the best-selling mainstream brother of GTA, means Rockstar face a series of problems. Starting with...